For many years present in the field of music we ever purpose ouselves with profession, experience and excellent results to musicians at all levels, professionals and hobby levels. We especially dedicateouselves to players of musical instruments: Soloists of Saxophone, Trumpet, Accordion, Clarinet, Guitar, Keyboard and Piano with a very wide repertoire that goes from Latin style to Blues and Ballroom Dancing for entertainment and Pianobar.

We have available (a good) 80 Collections (Record) each containing  8 Pieces in almost all the Rhythms and for all the Soloists instruments.

LATIN STYLE: Mambo Samba Rumba Merengue - Cha cha cha Bolero Beguine Bachata.

BLUES JAZZ: Funky Pop Rock - Fox trot Swing Ballads Duine Lento - Country.
BALLROOM DANCING: Waltz Mazurka Polca - Paso doble Tarantella Tango Slow waltz.

Each collection includes:

SP= Complete scores for Instruments in C-Bb-Eb (and Bass on request)

MC= Cassettes Audiostandard.

FD= Floppy disc GM/GS standard Midi File e WS.

CD= Compact Disc.

MD= Mini Disc

DAT= Audiocassettes
BA= Bases mp3 - MC-MD-CD-DAT-FD

Our pieces are found in the repertoire of numerous orchestras, Duo-Trio, Pianobars, Bands and Big Bands in Italy and abroad.


Our music is available to all those who make request for it, including D.J. and Ballrooms.